Explainer Video and Infographic - VISA - The ABCs of APIs

Following the success of my previous educational video on APIs, design and produced for MuleSoft, world famous payment processing company – VISA got in touch asking if I would design and produce a similar video and infographic for them.

Working with talented copywriter Ken Grobe and creative manager Veronica Kainz, and commissioned by MuleSoft and VISA for a joint marketing campaign we created a short, though fun educational video that would explain ‘The ABC’s of APIs’.

From being given the initial script, I create a series of sketched out mood boards, which would be the basis of the visuals for this educational piece. I share the mood boards with both MuleSoft and VISA and explain my vision for this video, and how the video would unfold.

Both MuleSoft and VISA liked my initial sketched out mood boards and ideas, and so I set out to create detailed illustrations of the characters and the scenes that that would feature in this video. Part of the brief was to make it look like the previous, and successful, video in the series ‘What is an API?’, so all my illustrations took on the same colour pallet and visual feel.

Following the sketch and illustration stage, I worked closely with the voice over artist to ensure that the tone and delivery of the information in this video was upbeat, informative and friendly. In parallel to working with the voiceover artist, I also sourced and edited various sound effects and audio environments to ensure that the video would have great depth and atmosphere.

With all the visual and audio pieces of this video in place, I started joyfully animating this video using Adobe After Effects. The animation process took just over 2 solid weeks, and I was careful to pays as much attention to detail as possible. I always appreciate info-videos that have subtle though well thought out details in them.

MuleSoft and VISA launched the video and infographic on February 4th 2016, at the SXSW festival. The video can be seen on VISA’s website, as well as VISA’s YouTube channel. ‘The ABC’s of API’s’, continues to get more and more likes and followers, and continues to educate people on what API’s are and why they are an important component to any digital business.