What is an API - MuleSoft

APIs are a huge and important part of the future of business technology and innovation. An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a highly technical though extremely useful component of any online service or product.

Sadly for none technical audiences it can be difficult to fully understand what exactly an API is? and what competitive advantages APIs give businesses looking to thrive in this modern world of technology based services and products.

I worked with MuleSoft to create an educational and informative video that would serve none technical audiences in explaining exactly what an API is. Working with MuleSoft’s copy writer – Philip Hunter, we created a fun and digestible script and visual story storyboard, that would use real-life examples and analogies to simply and clearly explain what an API is and how APIs could be, and are being used.

As the driver of this project, I sourced a voiceover to add life to Philip Hunter’s script. I chose an energetic, though mature and trustworthy female to explain exactly what an API is.

As MuleSoft’s aim, and mine, was to educate a mature, business audience about API’s I set out to ensure that the graphics that I created would be mature and credible, though laid back and simple in style and tone with a hint of fun and humor. I also made sure that the graphic style that I created would be inline with MuleSoft’s overall brand look and feel and tone.

To create the animation I used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition. These three programs allowed me to control the pace of the animation, the tone of that animation and allow me to dictate the subtle movements and transitions that would make this video a success.

The video was launched in July 2015, and has received a huge amount of views and positive comments on YouTube.