Logo and Website design - BoozeTubes

Booze Tubes are a London based start up company with huge ambitions.

Booze Tubes are looking to change the way we drink socially through their product, The Booze Tube. A Booze Tube is a 3 foot high tube of beer which offers Booze Tubers the luxury of comfortably serving themselves from the tap incorporated in the base of The Booze Tube.

I designed the logo for Booze Tubes, by sticking to the brief of making a fun, though strong and professional brand image. I also wanted to create a strong and clear style in which Booze Tubes could move forward with in future projects.

Following the success of the Booze Tube logo, I was commissioned to design and program a fully functional e-commerce website, which would have a fun though professional look and feel as well as the added bonus of allowing their customers to buy Booze Tubes directly from the website.

For the website i also created a short though quirky and informative, explanatory video which can be accessed from the home page and let users know exactly what a Booze Tube is as well as how it can help potential customers 'Push up their profits'