Guerilla Advertising / Business Cards - Sarah Green

Whilst living and working in Argentina, I was approached by a English Teach who was also living in Buenos Aires, however not yet working.

Sarah Green, was previously a full time English Teacher in England, however, tired of the rainy London days, herself and her husband decided that they would like to try living and working in Argentina, and that as well as their savings they could make a handsome living by teaching English.

I was recommended to Sarah via a colleague, and I was only too happy to help. Sarah told me that she planned to apply to work in a number of schools and universities, teaching English, in and around the Buenos Aires area, and she wanted me to design some business cards for her to leave behind after she has had an interview.

Not wanting to go down the conventional route of designing a normal 6x4 business card, as I always believe that you should challenge tradition, and push crazy ideas as far as possible, I come up with a concept which would be a play on her unique selling points – She is English, she is a native English speaker, and she wants to teach English. I created business cards which look like teabag packaging.

In the design of these business cards I wanted to show something which represents the country where she is from as well as the language the naturally speaks and used to teach, so I used something which England is famous for the world over – the love of drinking tea.

Once the concept was in place the actual design wasn’t too difficult to produce. I chose a traditional typeface to spell our Sarah Green’s name for the front of the teabag packaging. I chose a traditional typeface as from researching other teabag packaging, this is what was commonly used.

Just below Sarah Green’s name, I paid homage to the English tea, as well as Sarah’s title by playing with the words ‘English Teacher’ with the ‘tea’ part of teacher used as a bold font. This made the whole concept come together in an intelligently creative way.

Due to different size this ‘teabag-business-card’ gave me (in comparison to normal business cars), I had room to place a small blurb about Sarah on the back of the teabag business card, in Spanish to a dear to the target audience of Spanish speaking school principals.

The teabag-business-card had amazing results, Sarah gave me feedback she felt confident in the interviews and couldn’t wait to leave behind this business card talking point to the person that was interviewing her. She said that she received numerous positive comments and in the end got offered 6 positions in 6 difference schools.