Creative Business Cards - Self Promotional

In 2013 I wanted to create some self promotional assets which would help my careers and get my name out there as a designer who thinks differently.

After brainstorming an abundance of different ideas, in various different medias, I decided that I wanted to send out collateral via a direct marketing campaign.

My idea was to create, old school, traditional looking tickets, for a show, only the show would be my portfolio.

I ran with the idea of creating these tickets as everyone likes to receive things through the post, especially tickets, The recipient instantly feels like they have been selected from a special list, and they are invited to a vip event.

I wanted the tickets to be under-designed, as oppose to over-designed, I wanted them to have the look and feel and style of traditional strip tickets, only the copy would read – The Chris Payne Creative Show.

These tickets would also act as a business card, as they would be small enough to fit in people’s wallets and have my contact details on the back.

An all important aspect in these tickets / business cards would be that they would come in ‘strips’ of 4 or 5, (each individual ticket would be attached to others) meaning that the user will receive 4 or 5 business cards at once, this works favourably, as if the receiver wants to talk about me or recommend me, he or she can can freely rip one or two tickets off and give it to his or her colleagues, still keeping a ticket / business card for him or herself.