- Explanatory Video

Dataloader is now an established and much used, cloud based application, which allows users to quickly, and effortlessly import, export or delete data in

I was tasked with only creating the website for, however, once I completed that website, and the branding for this project, I was keen to offer value for money and I asked if I could also create a short explanatory video for to further help push the marketing campaign of this product.

The script was written by’s marketing team and then handed to me to liaise with a 3rd party voiceover. Once the voiceover was complete, I got to work on creating a visual storyboard for how this video would play out.

I settled on a simplistic, but sophisticated style for the animation, as I wanted there to be no doubts that the product its self, is simple in and easy to use. I created an individual graphics and illustration style that would be consistent throughout whole video and poses bold bright colours to transmit energy and excitement around the product.

Once I got confirmation that the team liked my concepts and digital illustration style, I started to animate using primarily Adobe After Effects, as well as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for image creation.

The team were extremely happy with the result, as the explanatory video educates people about the product in an intuitive, quick, fun and easy to digest manner, the video also demonstrates the user interface of the project to allow viewers to familiarize themselves with the product before they download.

The video has been a huge success, as has It has been most popular app on Salesforce’s prestigious app exchange for over a year, and the video is one of the most viewed videos on The App Exchange.