Print Advertising - Direct Gov

This strangely, is my second beans-on-toast-based-project, as previously I designed an advertisement for Heinz Baked Beans.

DirectGov are a UK government organization, which help and advice UK citizens on a huge array of potential life problems. For this particular campaign they were focusing on helping and offering advice to students and ex students who may be struggling to pay off their student debt.

To produce this advertisement for DirectGov, I had to think like a hard up student and observe what skint students do, as well as what they react to and what they do when money is tight. This wasn’t too difficult, as at the time of making this advertisement I was fresh out of University and working as a freelance designer, so I know a few things about what being short of money was like., however I still wanted to get a more rounded insight on what broke students do, so I conduced surveys asking a large number of students what they do when struggling for money during the University term.

I found that amongst other money-saving tactics many UK based students revert to a eating more Beans on Toast (a very cheap though tasty meal in the UK, cost per plate = 55p) in order to save money.

Using this research I became inspired to create the message – Struggling to pay off your student debt – out of a student’s favorite cheap meal – Beans on toast.

Getting my fingers dirty I carefully created an entire typeface - complete with serifs, out of 2 tins of beans on toast and a loaf of bread. I was precise and strict with my placement of the beans as I wanted each letter to be as perfect and well balanced as possible. One technique that I used in order to ensure correct placement of the beans was to use the toast as a grid to delicately map out how the beans should be distributed out.

Once all 26 letters of the alphabet were complete as well as a question mark, I took photos of each and every crafted slice of beans on toast, before touching the photos up in photoshop and placing them together to spell out the question – Struggling to pay off your student debt?

The total cost of the production of this advert was £2.10 and the time taken to complete this ad was just 4 hours.