Guerilla Advertising - Ebay

With the vast rise of online technology, particularly in the ecommerce and internet shopping, I use this advertising concept to pose the question will we need shops in the future? Each and everyday more ecommerce services are just a few clicks away, you can buy clothes, furniture and even do you weekly supermarket shopping online, so will shops be a thing of the past? Something which future generations read about in books, and see in museums?

This guerilla-advertising concept, which I produced for ebay made the streets of London a museum, and the shops the exhibits.

The idea came about after a trip to the Tate modern. I became disillusioned with the actual work on displayed in the Tate that day, and I became more interested in the design and presentation of the signs, which sit next to each and every work of art, offering an explanation to the work as well as the artists name. I thought how cool it would be if these signs where mischievously tampered with and used outside a gallery.

I purposely produced a series signs, which would resemble those which you would find in a gallery or a museum. I parodied the hierarchy of the information that regular museum signs use – The name of the exhibit in the largest letters, followed by the artist / designer and the year, beneath it in smaller letters, followed by a well written description, and them some gallery references, such as instructions for audio use.

I wrote a compelling description of what shops ‘traditionally were’ as well as a second paragraph, which subtly promoted the convenience of Ebay as well as the death of the shop as we know it.