Coporate Identity - Dippy Dippy Egg

London based food company, Dippy Dippy Egg, approached me asking me to design a cool and quirky logo, which would be the visual face of their egg and solders inspired take away snacks.

I produced and developed a number of design ideas before settling on a logo design which both the client and myself loved.

I set out to create a logo, which would be versatile in both size and colour. I wanted the logo to be recognisable both from a distance and when reproduced in greyscale.

To get the company’s look and feel exactly right and gibe it an individual personality, I created custom typography for this logo. The typography, which I created, gives the logo a confident and happy look, as well as having fun and quirky edge.

In addition to this, the custom typography also achieved the goal of being easy to read at a distance, through its wide strokes, and has subtle egg references in the dots in the i.

For the main logo I created an egg shaped background in which the custom typography would sit in, this egg shaped background will instantly and visually communicate to new audiences what the tasty product is at a glance.

I wanted to give the Dippy Dippy brand a young and energetic feel so I decided upon making the principal logo magenta and white. Magenta is a colour, which is oozing with energy and fun, what’s more it’s also a bold and bright colour with high contrast levels on white page, so it would never have any problems standing out.