Print Advertising - Heinz Baked Beans

I sent this uncommissioned advertising idea to Heinz.

Being a fan of clever word play in advertising, I set out to investigate what could creatively be done with two words, which were spelt differently, yet sounded the same, such as, in this case, ‘Been’ and ‘Bean’.

I proceeded to experiment with different copy and relevant phrases or slogans, before the slogan ‘Heinz. Bean perfectionists since 1901’ was born.

I like the imagery that being a ‘bean perfectionist’ conjured up. Not only does it show that Heinz cares about each and every bean being perfect. It also says that they have been (and continue to be) perfectionist, since the day they started manufacturing beans.

With the copy talking up the perfectionist side of Heinz Baked Beans, I created imagery which would perfectly compliment the copy. Search any image of beans on toast, and you’ll find beans splattered and unevenly poured on top of buttered toast. I wanted to turn this image on it’s head and play on the idea of preparing beans on toast as a perfectionist would, and so, I lined up each bean perfectly on the toast, in military like form.

I shot the delicately and precisely prepared meal in natural light, self art-directing to ensure that I got the mouth watering image that I had in mind. I wanted to show the individuality of each bean in the foreground yet blur out the background, and ensure that the beans look juicy, wholesome and appetizing.

After experimentation I aligned the copy with the image, in a classy delicate way, wanting the visual hierarchy of the poster to be image first, and then the copy, which would act as the payoff and complete the poster.

Heinz loved the idea and the creative imagery and interesting play on words. The poster is currently under consideration to be used for upcoming campaigns.