Book cover design - Jamie Maslin - The Long Hitch Home

The Long Hitch Home is an entertaining and adventurous fiction travel book written by author Jamie Maslin.

This is Maslin’s fourth book and, by far this most most successful to date. In The Long Hitch Home, Maslin hitchhikes all the way from Tasmania to London, taking over 800 rides from strangers, travelling over 18,000 miles and passing through 19 countries.

I was very proud to be asked to design the front cover for this book, as traveling is a passion of mine, and I also admire the bravery, intrigue and commitment that Maslin has shown in perusing this adventure.

After a few initial book cover design concepts where sketched out, I felt my strongest option was to create a book cover that encapsulated the very essence of traveling and highlighted the enormity of Maslin’s long hitch, so for this reason I themed the book cover around a map.

I created a simple map, paying attention to where the country lines and boarders fell. I also added a rough idea of Maslin’s route from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere – This route would show the glancing audience just how big the journey was, and show that’s this isn’t going to be an uneventful stroll in the park. I added to the adventurous fell by adding place names to the route – place names that most people wouldn’t have even heard of – This added to the dramatic adventurous feel.

I made the typography big yet simple, as I wanted this look to stand out and be legible from a distance, or on a busy bookshelf. I also made the typography tie into the traveling theme by encapsulating the subtitle ‘From Tasmania to London on a thumb and a prayer’ in street sign like arrows. I purposely made these arrow point in opposite directions as this also adds to the traveling / hitchhiking theme, as occasionally when traveling or passing though these strange and exotic new places you don’t know which direction to take.

The book was released in early 2015, and has received rave reviews. Oliver Stone described it as ‘Travel writing as it should be’. The long Hitch Home has been a main stay near the top of Amazon’s best travel books charts and has sold out on a number of occasions.