Client: Desinion
    Founder & designer of Desinion - Design community

    An online application / design tool that I have designed and developed. Desinion allows designers and decision makers to get insightful analytics on their design concepts to see if the creative work they produce strikes a cord with the correct target audience.

    Client: MuleSoft
    Taking over San Francisco's main train station

    In 2016, I proudly thoughts up, art directed and designed MuleSoft's biggest ever brand campaign. The San Francisco based tech company took over the city's biggest and busiest train station to raise brand awareness as well as recruit people with superhuman talents.

    Alfreton Town Football Club
    A world class new logo for Alfreton Town Football Club

    I am extremely proud to have redesigned Alfreton Town Football Club's official new logo. The logo is now proudly worn by Alfreton Town F.C. players and fans, both young and old, the logo is used on video games and can be seen in numerous places around the town.

    Client: VISA - ABCs of APIs
    Working with VISA to educate people about APIs

    What exactly is an API? Good question, and it's one that a lot of people around the world are asking. I teamed up with VISA to create a short, fun and informative video that would explain what an API exactly is, and how these API's can help modern businesses thrive. I created the illustrations as well as animated, and sound mixed the video from start to finish.