Print Advertising - Health and Safety Executive

Whilst freelancing in my home city of Derby, I entered and won a National Graphic Design & Advertising competition to design a poster for the UK health and Safely Executive (a government ran British Organization which educates works about health and safety in the work place). The brief was to highlight and educate UK office workers about the unseen dangers of working in an office environment. Each competition participant got the opportunity to chose from a range of themes, I chose the challenging subject of highlighting the dangers and effects of slouching on your chair.

After research and various ideas, I set my heart and mind on using a table fusbal table ‘footballer’ to effectively show and highlight this office danger. From an early stage in this creative process I wanted to make just one of the normally straight and rigid fusbal players have a curved / arched / bent back, which would effectively and intuitively make that player stand out for all the wrong reasons and show the comparison between that unfortunate player the other traditionally and notably straight-backed players.

This concept of slightly tweaking an everyday object to show a distorted version of the truth would also comically and intelligently show the difference between someone who has been slouching on their chair and someone (or a team of people) who have not.

I dismantled my own personal fusball table, and bent a central player to a ‘hunch-like’, uncomfortable position. Then, using my Nikon 5100 I took the various photos of this player ensuring that there was a comfortable space for the poster’s copy to go, as well as ensuring that the more rigid, straight-backed players were in view so that the visual comparison could be made.

To this day I am proud to say that the poster, which I concepted and designed won the national competition and was, sent out and used in 1000’s of offices across the UK.