Guerilla Advertising - New York City's Prospect Bark

Whilst on an internship in New York City, I was looking to get more US based experience, and so I branched out to local business, of whom I thought I could help with my creative eye and attention to detail.

One of these local businesses was a Brooklyn based dog walking, grooming and caring company called Prospect Bark (Named after the Brooklyn based park – Prospect Park). After a short letter to the owner of the company, they asked me if I could help out with their marketing strategy. I relished this opportunity.

After an enjoyable evening watching and observing dogs and dog walkers in both Prospect Park and Central Park, I quickly came up with the cute and quirky idea of creating The worlds first business cards for dogs.

The idea popped into my dead after I saw countless dog owners in the NYC based parks looking for good-sized sticks to throw to their furry friends. I also noticed that once the enjoyable game of Throw and Catch was complete tired dogs would trundle home with their stick gripped between their teeth, sort of like a souvenir of their day of fun in the park. This is when I thought I would be great if Prospect Bark could not only proved the sticks, but also brand the sticks, therefore owning the Throw and Catch game as well as giving the owner a hassle free time in searching for a stick and giving the dog something to take home.

This worked beautifully as this unlike most marketing campaigns this marketing campaign wasn’t aimed at human beings it was aimed at their dogs. It would be the dog which gets excited about the Prospect Bark branded stick and then brings the Prospect Bark branded material into the owners home.

In total 250 sticks were found in and around the parks and forests of New York, these sticks where then sanded down in a specific area, before the prospect bark logo and contact details where burnt onto sanded area.

The campaign proved to be a great success with Prospect Bark getting some great publicity through their organic advertising and creative approach to spreading the word of their existence.

In total the whole cost of the campaign was $60 USD, for the price of the custom metal template, which we used to burn the logo onto the sticks. All sticks were found and fell from their trees naturally.