Project: New York city's HHC
Bananas on the streets of NYC
Guerilla Advertising - HHC New York

Whilst interning in New York City, I was tasked with helping raise the awareness of New York City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation.

These are the briefs that I love, the challenging ones where there initially doesn’t seem to be too much scope for creativity and outside of the box thinking.

With a mischievous mind set on creating something totally different, something daring and something that would start conversations, I started researching the target audience, and what they expect from their local hospitals – which as it turned out would be that the hospitals are there for you when you need them.

I then came up with the line ‘Accidents Happen, were here to look after your little bumps and bruises’ . The line worked really well as not only does it give people piece of mind, but also it shows an understanding that people never really want to go to hospital, more often than not they go because of an accident of some sort.

Following the main line – Accidents Happen, I came up with the idea of a banana skin, mimicking that classic (almost clichéd) accident of slipping on a banana skin, this worked perfectly in the context and also worked beautifully with the line – we look after your little bumps and bruises – as a banana it’s self bruises.

Then the best and most exciting part came, when I presented it to colleagues and peers, surprising them all that this advertisement wouldn’t be traditional, these banana skins would go on the streets on New York City.