Viral Advertising - Stop Motion Xmas Card

This was a self started project, in which I wanted to experiment with medium of stop motion video.

I think there’s something both romantic and eerie about stop motion videos, to me they are a digital version of the old school flip books which you can find in novelty shops. I have always been drawn to all forms of animation and so I decided to make one.

The idea was to create a stop motion Christmas greeting video, which breaks away from the traditional, jolly Christmas greeting videos, and offer people the chance, to say merry Christmas in a different way (and to share via social media).

I was intrigued how typography was not only about the design of the letters but also about where the letters where presented. I also liked the idea of words visually being revealed one at a time leaving the user anxious to get to the end of the video to see how the sentence will end, and what the final message will be.

The idea of writing the letters on my fingers came easy to me, as it was a strange, creative idea, which I have had in my mind for a good while before producing this piece. I like the fact that you are restricted to 5 letters and also I had always liked the idea of the transitions between the words came when the hand closed and opened again.

I broke my own rules in the later stages of the video as the word Christmas had more than 5 letters, it had (and still has) 9. So instead of going down the route of using Christmas’s ugly abbreviation - Xmas, I thought that it would be a cool and surprising visual to have 9 fingers unexpectedly appear from a clenched fist, with each finger carrying a letter.

In total there are 272 photos used to make this stop motion piece.

After I edited on the extra fingers, as well as put all the photos together in the right sequence, I chose a quirky, almost old school circus styled piece of music to go with the old magic quirky look and feel of the piece.