Website Design / UI Design - Mule Stable

Whilst working as a Design Specialist at MuleSoft, I thought up, pitched to the CEO, designed, and drove a personal project called MuleStable.

My idea was to create a platform for internal collaboration and skills sharing, which would also be a platform to help build a strong company culture across all of MuleSoft’s satellite offices.

MuleSoft employees can quickly and easily see new starters in the company, personally welcome them, as well as find out about their personal interests and professional experiences.

The platform encourages collaboration and skill sharing, as employees can search for other employees by certain skills and previous work experience, so for example, if ‘Employee A’ need to find in-house employees who know how to write code in JavaScript, then all ‘Employee A’ has to do is search for ‘JavaScript’ in the search bar and he will be presented with list of employees who know how to write code in JavaScript, ‘Employee A’ then able to choose an in-house employee and start collaborating with them.

Similarly should a member from the sales organisation within the company have to pitch to a certain company, he or she can simply type in the name of the company into the search bar and be presented with a list of current MuleSoft employees who previously worked at that company. The sales person can then reach out to any member on that list and gain inside information on the company he is pitching to.

I designed the site to have a rustic, down to earth look and feel, using a background image of a stable to add both character and relevance to the platform. I wanted each profile of each person to appear in ‘popup’ form, as I feel that this allows the user to quickly view various profiles and get back to the gallery view without having to commit to a new page.

I also designed the platform to be mobile responsive to offer MuleSoft employees the flexibility of collaborating and learning about their peers whilst on the move.

The MuleStable is a key and everyday used part of MuleSoft processes. Employees regularly collaborate on projects more so than ever thanks to The MuleStable. It continues to grow and more features will be added to further assist collaboration and culture building within the company.